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Why Unleashed?

Founder Focused

We get it. We’ve had meetings on paint cans, “borrowed” the internet at the local coffee shop, had our little sister’s artsy boyfriend design our logo. We know what it is like to try to keep the current business profitable while trying to set up future growth. The struggle is real. Because we’ve been there, we can relate to your real-life problems. But imagine taking a leap into the future where you have the people, processes and infrastructure in place to help you grow so that you can focus on making your product even better. That’s what it’s like to partner with us.

Infrastructure Strong

It takes a lot of moving parts to operate and grow a business. Some you may like and some, well, not so much. At Unleashed Brands, we’ve built the infrastructure to support you in all the areas you want to focus on every day – and all the areas you don’t. From Accounting to Real Estate, Supply Chain to Marketing, Operations to IT, we have people in place to push your company forward.

We Understand Families

People are hard. And in our world, we’re not just dealing with making the kids happy. We need to worry about Mom and Dad too! We’ve spent years researching and understanding what motivates Mom to make and continue making the purchase, how to captivate kids to keep coming back and what makes both of them tell their friends.

We Know Franchising

Franchising gives you another customer to think about – the Franchisee. And managing a franchise organization can be a beast. We know how to sell, develop, train and manage Franchisees so that they deliver on your brand’s promise to the consumer all while generating a profit.

Who We Are

Intensive parenting has become the new norm. Today mothers spend nearly 5 hours a week giving undivided time to their child – compared with 1 hour 45 minutes in 1975 – and they still worry it isn’t enough. For parents, giving their children the best start in life means doing everything they can to ensure their kids prosper. At Unleashed Brands, we believe in making the process of figuring this out easy by offering a wide variety of products across three key areas – Learn, Play, Grow.


  • Brands that enrich the lives of kids by teaching or enhancing their STREAM skills (Science, Technology, Reading, Arts, and Mathematics)
  • Example segments: daycare, early childhood education, tutoring, interactive museums, etc.


  • Brands that provide fun, energetic experiences that give kids the opportunity to be kids
  • Example segments – family entertainment, birthday party venues, bowling, escape rooms, etc.


  • Brands that provide opportunities for kids to build or improve their skills or hobbies
  • Example segments – Swim schools, music schools, gymnastics, karate, etc.

Meet the Unleashed Brands Team


At Unleashed Brands, we're a family. A family of brands created for every kind of kid in your family! We offer each of them an opportunity to explore their unique passions and potential all while socializing with others and having a blast. We believe social and emotional growth is just as important as physical and brain development, and that's why each brand caters to different interests at different stages of a child's life. Our goal is to let kids be themselves and embrace their individuality; and no matter what the activity, your kids will be in a welcoming environment that builds confidence and self-esteem.

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