Are You a Unicorn?

Why Us?

Innovators at Heart

We don’t want the copycats. In fact, we don’t want the easy to copycats. We want the mavericks – the gal who took a big risk and who has built something that is unique in its space. We want the guy who isn’t afraid to stumble and who gets up even stronger – because we believe that that is the guy who makes his business better.

Collaborators in Practice

You don’t know everything. You don’t need to. But you do need to know people who are the some of best in their areas of expertise. We have those people. And we want to partner with people who are willing to sit around a table, share their expertise and let us share ours. Together, we can make your business even stronger.

Growth Focused

You believe in your company and want it to grow. But, to grow, and grow quickly, a company needs to be simple to understand, simple to build, and simple to operate yet also hugely profitable. Sound impossible? It isn’t. We’ve done it. And we can help you do it with your business.

Laugh Heavy

Work is hard. That’s why it’s called work. And as you grow a business you spend A LOT of time at work. Heck, your coworkers may see you more than your family! So, work needs to be fun too, a place you can solve a big problem and then have a big laugh. Culture is critical at Unleashed Brands. We want people we are excited to go to work with every day.

Hear from Unleashed Brands’ Motivated Leadership Team

How you can grow your brand moving forward?

Do it Yourself

You likely know what to do and how to do it, but how long will it take you to build out these resources and plans?

Outsource Help

There are professional resources for outsourcing development, training and financial help, but you lose control of the process and it can be costly.

Recapitalize with Private Equity

Selling to Private Equity may give you the resources to build out your team and processes, but will still take considerable time and effort.

Join Unleashed Brands

Plug your leadership and vision for your brand into a platform that is fully resourced to help you grow to your full potential quickly!

Controlling your vision for the brand

As Founders you have a clear vision for where you want to take your brand. Controlling that is essential.

4 Wall EBITDA Development

Experienced Operational Leadership focused on driving unit-level profitability.

Proven system for efficient recruitment

Clearly defined approach towards franchising ensuring you bring the right franchisees into your system.

Increased Number of Signings

Mix Ideal Candidate Profile with your Value Proposition to find the right franchisees.

Real Estate/Market Development Expertise

Develop the plan to know your headroom and how to maximize the market/territory opportunity.

Integrated Supply Chain

Knowing how to build the right supplier network to create best in class options at best in class prices.

World Class Marketing Strategy

Knowing how to drive the right customers to your franchisees to grow systemwide revenue.

Lower Your Risk

You've worked hard to build your business to where it is today; take some of your risk off the table.

Robust Franchise and Frontline Training Program

You've created a great business; ensuring you keep the guest experince uniform while scaling is critical.

Compressed Project Management System

Bringing units/territories online efficiently is key to helping franchisees reach unit-level profitability faster.

We are looking for brands that have:

High EBITDA margins and free cash flow for both the Franchisee and Franchisor
A track record of delivering consistent new unit growth
Meaningful white space allowing for future unit growth
High consumer satisfaction (NPS & CSAT) and retention creating a consistent and reliable revenue stream

Thank you!

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